Avenue B Design Build is a premier home builder in Austin, Texas.

Since its inception in 2009, Avenue B Design Build has earned its reputation as a leading property development company in and around Austin. We pride ourselves on our strong relationships and communication with clients and architects, as well as our in-depth expertise of remodeling and adding onto older homes. The end result of working with a strong team of industry professionals, we have a proven track record in unlocking value in sites and translating client and investor visions into reality. 

We are an award-winning construction, remodeling, and interiors firm focused on transforming homes with timeless, quality craftsmanship and a bit of Austin soul.

Meet The Team

Daniel Kennedy

Growing up in a family of builders and tradesmen, Dan Kennedy has always appreciated the art of developing and building beautiful, custom homes. In 2013, Dan and his wife Renee moved to the great city of Austin, Texas, where he spent two years working at two of Austin’s well-respected custom home builders. 

However, being an entrepreneur at heart and looking to start another company of his own, Dan founded Kennedy Construction Group in 2015. He quickly gained traction, working with clients to build anything from a remodelled kitchens and master baths, to ADU’s and complete additions. Within three years, Dan and his team continued to improve their skill sets and help their clients navigate the complicated ins-and-outs of building a home in the city of Austin. 

In 2018, Dan decided to acquire Avenue B Development, a long-standing custom build firm, in order to provide his clients with an even greater networks of reputable subcontractors, architects and designers. His mission at Avenue B is to utilize all his resources and walk alongside his clients as they turn a simple vision of their dream home into a reality.

Duncan Carrington

As the Operations Manager for Avenue B Development, Duncan Carrington utilizes over a decade of experience in the industry to oversee the Project Managers and the daily quality control of the home building process. Duncan has spent much of his life learning the ins and outs of building and design. After studying architecture and design in high school and at the University of Colorado, Duncan moved to Austin, TX to begin his career in construction and home building. He has experience not only with carpentry and custom home building, but also complete renovations of residential homes. In 2015, Duncan spent a year in Alaska as an integral part of a team that restored a mountain lodge and several cabins in Trapper Creek. It was this experience that led to Duncan’s passion for remodeling and restoration, as he felt a great sense of pride from preserving rather than replacing a structure. Duncan is consistently bringing his knowledge and expertise to clients; walking alongside them as they see their vision of a home turn in to a reality.

Courtney Skott

Courtney Skott, who has moved to Austin 4 times over 25 years, has taken an equally circuitous career path. Formerly a dot-com era startup founder and an award-winning furniture designer, she brings a keen eye and attention to detail to her role as Site Supervisor. Her interest in residential building grew out her design background and DIY efforts in her own home, as well as a desire to work on projects that connect to people in a meaningful way. When not at work, Courtney can be found cooking, fiddling in her yard, or at the greenbelt with her husband and daughter.  

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