The Avenue B Difference: Why Our Clients Choose Us For Remodeling Projects

Bouldin remodeling project by Austin remodeling contractor

The process of remodeling a home can be a daunting process, and Avenue B recognizes how important it is to partner with a contractor that is going to make the process as smooth, cost-effective, and enjoyable as possible. We are proud of our reputation as one of the finest remodeling companies in Austin, and time after time, we hear from our clients that the Avenue B difference can be summarized in 5 simple qualities:

• We love remodeling, and we’re good at it
It is often said that sensitively remodeling a home is much more difficult than building a new home from scratch. We’ve done both, and we agree. Today, we focus our business on high-end remodeling because, quite frankly, it is more fulfilling to transform a house that already has character and soul into a home that is perfect for your family. As a NARI Certified Remodeler, Company Principal Jeff Bullard is highly experienced and trained in the remodeling process, and that’s not something that every home builder or general contractor can offer.

We know to expect surprises when we open up walls, and we give our clients the peace of mind that those surprises are accounted for upfront. Our team of vendors and subcontractors also specializes in the remodeling business and can navigate the process of ensuring seamless transitions between old/new, existing/additions like no one else in the business. We aren’t a builder that sandwiches in remodels in between new builds. We don’t think of existing home features as “getting in the way” of what we want to do – we think of them as the bridge between the home’s old soul and its new soul.

That’s why we’ve earned dozens of local and regional Contractor of the Year Awards from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, been featured on numerous Tour of Homes, and featured in local and national publications as “expert renovators.”

Bouldin remodeling project

Milton Remodel

• We are experts at navigating the nuances of older homes
Avenue B has won the Contractor of the Year Award for Historic Renovation in Austin for the last FIVE consecutive years – that is every year we’ve been in existence. We love old homes – we love the smells, the unique features that no one actually needs anymore (telephone nooks, anyone?), and the timeless craftsmanship that has so often been lost by builders today. In the City of Austin, navigating the permitting process for an older home can be confusing (Historic Landmark Commission, neighborhood associations, Preservation Austin, etc..) and yet we’ve done it so many times that we can make a confusing process straightforward and simple. We’ve earned the respect and the trust of the major stakeholders in the City and that makes the process even easier. Additionally, our subcontractors have been selected specifically because of their expertise in working with older homes.

East Austin Historic Renovation

E 8th Historic Renovation

• We are highly collaborative and communicative
The hallmark of working with Avenue B is timely, proactive communication between clients, Avenue B, and the architects. We have leveraged technology to make that communication even easier and transparent – allowing you a portal into your project to monitor budget, scheduling, project updates, and make decisions. The collaboration process starts even before you sign a contract with us, as we don’t charge for consultations, and in fact, we are happy to work with you even before you’ve found the perfect home – assisting you to make the best decision with a wealth of knowledge that you wouldn’t have otherwise had.

During the construction process, we will have a project kickoff, weekly onsite project updates, daily ad hoc communication, and a post-mortem to ensure we get better every time.

• We have a highly professional team
Avenue B’s team of professionals and subcontractors have been vetted meticulously, and are chosen because they are experts at what they do AND they are easy, well-mannered, and professional to work with. You will have the peace of mind that your home is being taken well care of and that any concerns you have will be addressed quickly and positively.

Jeff and Katie Bullard

The Avenue B Remodeling Team

• We pay attention to the details
One of the unique features of Avenue B is that several times a year, we are our own clients. Every year, we will buy and renovate 1-2 older homes in danger of demolition that we later sell. Because of this process, we know what the process feels like, we know the details that can’t be overlooked, and we know the standards that are expected from all trades involved in the job. This gives us a unique perspective that can’t be matched anywhere else – we can empathize with you many times over, and because of that, we see everything. Our goal is that issues and details are discovered and fixed before you even realize them, and we will be your advocate and partner as we remodel with a finely tuned eye.

Eason Remodeling

Eason Remodel

If you’re looking to makeover your house in 2016, and these qualities are important to you, be sure to give us a call!


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