Behind the Scenes of our HGTV “Tips from Expert Renovators” Magazine Shoot

As you’ve probably heard by now, Avenue B Development was featured in the June 2015 HGTV Magazine (we admit, we got a little excited about the end result and may have mentioned it just a few times…!)  The article was entitled “Tips and Tricks from Expert Renovators.” We’ve gotten quite a few questions from our great friends and family about the process, and thought we’d share a few of the behind-the-scenes answers with everyone.

HGTV Austin_0278


Question: How did you get selected to be in the magazine?

Answer: HGTV Magazine works with scouts all over the country, and they’ve had their eye on the Austin market for awhile given the great architecture, remodeling, and design happening in town right now.  We got an email from one of their local scouts who saw our photos on and wanted to learn more about our remodeling projects and our company.  So, we set up some time to chat with her, showed her the full Avenue G portfolio (which yes, happened to also be our personal home), and she wrote up a pitch and sent it to HGTV magazine, along with a few other architecture, remodeling, and design magazines.  They called her back right away and said they wanted to feature the house and the Avenue B Development story. 


Question: What was the shooting process like?

Answer: The HGTV crew, including a freelance photographer, a couple of freelance stylists (including our original scout!), and members of the HGTV editorial team scheduled 2 days to shoot the house.  They checked it out ahead of time and the stylist brought in a few additional décor pieces to round out the design.  The additions she brought in were STUNNING, and we were fortunate enough to be able to keep just a few of the pieces.  While the design of the home was enhanced with her work, it was not a complete re-design of our existing designs.  The shoot took about 1 ½ days, and 2-3 hours of that included shooting Jeff and I.  That part felt a little awkward – especially the part where I hang out in the kitchen pretending to cook.  If you know me, you know why… J  As they shot the photos, we were able to see a few of them and could immediately tell they were going to turn out great.

HGTV Austin_0517



Question: Did you see the article before it was published?

Answer: Nope!  But, we did a get a chance to confirm key facts with the writer of the article and submit our list of key resources for readers that want to buy the furnishings.  Big shout-out to some of our favorite retailers, like Collectic Home, Restoration Hardware, Lights Fantastic, and One King’s Lane.  IT actually took a full 12 months between the shoot and the actual publishing – hence why we look so young!  We were just babies back in 2014.


Question: When are you getting your own HGTV show?

Answer: Ha. Ask Jeff about that one.