How to Start Your Remodel Off Right!

Starting a remodeling project can seem like a daunting task. Do you really know what you want, do you have a realistic budget, what should you do first? These are just a few questions home owners may have before embarking on this journey.  Here at Avenue B Development we have put together a few of our favorite tips to help you get that project off to a good start!

Set a Clear Objective:

  • Make sure you know WHY you are doing the remodel and what you WANT to get out of the remodel.

Set a Clear Budget:

  • Being realistic with your budget will help you to get the most out of whatever that set budget is.

Know Your Style:

  • This is your space not your contractors.
  • Know what works best for you and your family.

Find the Right Contractor:

  • Do your research- Find a contractor with experience in what you are wanting to do, or maybe one that is familiar with your neighborhood.
  • Interview potential contractors.
  • Check references.

Have a Project Kickoff:

  • Before construction starts, make sure your contractor defines….
    • Projected Timeline
    • Communication Expectations
    • Working Hour Expectations
    • Payment/Billing Expectations

By following these five tips you will help to minimize surprises and potential issues. For a list of our top 10 tips check out the link below! Happy Remodeling!