Site Selection

Every neighborhood and property has specific advantages and constraints. Our goal is to identify the optimal location and product type in each neighborhood. We are constantly evaluating market data to accurately gauge price ceiling for each area, the buyer profile, starting value, construction costs, and improved property values. This way our valuation and acquisition is grounded in what the site and the market support.


Design & Permitting

We take a thoughtful and compelling design and make sure it can be built in a cost conscious manner. Value engineering is essential to the process.



We use the best Subcontractors and Vendors for the job and enable them to work efficiently while holding everyone accountable to our standards of quality. With our pricing as a developer, we are able to deliver construction costs lower than most "retail" general contractors and custom home builders. We are able to do this through a combination of ultra-efficient design, and by maintaining a network of experienced and professional subcontractors and suppliers. 



A well conceived, well built, and well marketed project will sell quickly. We personally handle the sales and marketing of our homes. This means a full spectrum marketing campaign. We utilize online and social media exposure as support while we do face to face selling through open houses and agent networking. 

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