Top 25 Remodeling and Renovating Mistakes to Avoid from HGTV Magazine

Longer days, warmer temperatures and more sunshine have arrived! The arrival of the Spring and Summer seasons not only mean more visits to Barton Springs and a plethora of outdoor concerts here in Austin but many people are thinking about taking on projects around the house.  This time of year offers longer work days and the dry warm temperatures makes opening or taking down walls safer from the elements! So since a large percentage of homeowners decide to undertake remodeling during the summer I thought I would give all of you a little advantage before you start this process and find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed and under prepared.  I have found a great article from listing out the top 25 biggest remodeling mistakes. Avoiding these common missteps, along with having Avenue B as your partner, will surely help you simplify the renovating process! I have outlined a few of the mistakes below but take a look at the entire article here.

  1. Buying Cheap Materials
  2. Skipping Prep Work
  3. Setting an Unrealistic Budget
  4. Not Doing Your Homework
  5. Hiring the Wrong Contractor

These are only a few of a long list of mistakes to avoid! Let us at Avenue B Development help you avoid these mistakes (especially #5) if you are looking to renovate this summer. We are here for you every step of the way to help simplify this sometimes complicated and messy process. So before you make any of these mistakes give us a call!